Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind

Donation Station

It is always a good time to support the ongoing work of Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind. With infinite gratitude and love, we offer Black Feminist Breathing Meditations by Alexis Pauline Gumbs with music by Sangodare (aka Julia Roxanne Wallace) to our donors!  The Black Feminist Breathing Chorus was a free 21 day experience of visual and sonic immersion in healing meditations brought to you by the Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind during the summer of 2014 but it is available to our supporters for eternity.  Find out more below:

To order specific Black Feminist Breathing Prints donate $40 or more here.  Please remember to indicate which prints you want with your donation.  If you have a complicated or multiple order email brokenbeautifulpress at gmail dot com with your request and we can send you an invoice via paypal.

Fannie_Lou_Hamer_Ella_Baker-Collage150rez Melvin_Dixon-Collage-150rez  Audre_Lorde-Collage-150rez Toni_Cade_Bambara-Collage-150rez Bayard_Rustin-Collage-150rez Pauli_Murray-Collage-150rez Sojourner_Truth-Collage-72rez Harriet_My_People_Are_Free_Collage-72rez Combahee_Black_Women-150rez June_Jordan_Collage_APG_lex Lorraine_Hansberry_Collage-1_72rez beam_collage_2014_72rez wheatleycollage-150rez BreathBack_Ida_B_Wells-Collage Anna_Julia_Copper-Copllage-72rez

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 8.17.04 PM


If you you want to bring the joy of the Breathing Chorus into your future scroll down to see how you can get access to all 22 of the streaming or downloadable meditations forever!!!

Donations of $25-100 give you eternal access to the streaming meditations on the site and donations of 101 or more give you access to streaming AND downloads of the meditations as audio files. 

If you would like to get eternal access to the meditations streaming and downloaded to use for your personal upliftment or to share with your organization or students you can become a monthly sustainer of the Eternal Summer of Black Feminist Mind at a level that feels generously sustainable to you.

Or download these transformative publications by Alexis Pauline Gumbs.  All proceeds go directly to Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind programming.


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