Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind

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Why Some People Be Mad at Me Sometimes: Lucille Clifton Rebirth Broadcast #17

Some people be mad at us when we speak our truth, when we remember our realness, when we insist on the world that we all deserve.
Lucille Clifton reminds us to honor our memories and honor our truth anyway.


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Sleeping Beauty: Lucille Clifton Rebirth Broadcast #16

Dedicated to Pauline Ann McKenzie Day (aka Pajama) during her birthday weekend!

Lucille Clifton has a brilliant way of turning around the messages of fairy tales to reveal the complicated and often silenced perspectives of the women in the stories.

What fairy tale are you living in, and how can you revise it this week so that it truly reflects the complexity YOU bring to the planet!


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has not come back/to apologize: lucille clifton rebirth broadcast #14

Be good to yourself. Be good to each other. What are the insights that unresolved hurtful experiences in your life are offering to your community right now in our journey of healing together and loving each other right?

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atlantic is a sea of bones: lucille clifton rebirth broadcast #12

What legacies haunt the places that you live and pass through?  What are the voices of forgotten, erased and violated ancestors teaching you today?

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Crazy Horse Names His Daughter: Lucille Clifton Rebirth Broadcast #11

This week our Lucille Clifton ShapeShifter assignment is to cast names of powerful people in our lives and in our history into the future and to create a ritual or list of naming that describes the energy in the names of the children in your family, life or community.

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