Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind

Divine Memory and the Laurie Carlos Oracle

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Laurie Carlos BlueLast month, as my first public work as Winton Chair at University of Minnesota, I was honored to listen to and love with many people in Laurie Carlos’s community of impact in the Twin Cities. Adriana Foreman made this beautiful video of one piece of that work, a circle called Divine Memory and the Laurie Carlos Oracle.

To open the circle and to deeply invite the gathered community to bring Laurie through I breathed, sang, moved, told and listened in the forms of my own recent ancestors Clyde Gumbs, Joseph McKenzie, Cynthia BrownTawnya Palmer and Chuck Davis.

So much gratitude to Zenzele IsokeSigne HarridayMankwe NdosiShaVunda BrownTalvin WilksJoi D. Lewis, and everyone gathered for embodying the oracle that day. Thank you to so many more for allowing me to listen to you all week. JunaudaErinBeverlyKimShannon, Mire, Eleanor, you were definitely there in spirit. In that mundane classroom on a snowy day, you taught me how deeply, how unconditionally, how beyond death, we are always in the presence of love. The impact of Laurie Carlos is nowhere near over in the Twin Cities and on the planet. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. And more soon.


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