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52 of the top 100 reasons I am voting for Pierce Freelon for mayor

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20819131_1212073938896803_305772942599286050_oToday early voting starts for the primary for Mayor of Durham and some key city council seats.  I am more excited about this election than I have ever been about any election (national or local) because this year Durham has the opportunity to elect a visionary Black artist and political thinker, an intergenerationally accountable LGBTQ ally, a humble feminist poet to play a key leadership role at a crucial moment in the history of our city.   Throughout his campaign and throughout my collaboration and friendship with Pierce, I have seen him do things that I have never seen any politician do to show his accountability, humility, integrity, character and leadership.   Never has a political campaign spoken so directly to my heart, my dreams and my hope for the city I love.  You can register to vote and vote in the primary at the same time.

Early voting locations:

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 10.29.08 AM

Early voting schedule:

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52 of my top 100 reasons to support Pierce Freelon for Mayor


  1. because Pierce is an artist raised by artists
  2. because Durham needs the self-reflexivity and creativity that artists practice regularly
  3. because Pierce helped us move our awkwardly shaped couch up an uneven number of stairs and through a narrow door
  4. because Durham needs a mayor who is not afraid to do the work that no one else wants to do
  5. because Pierce is a hip hop artist who speaks up as an LGBTQ ally not just at events, not just in interviews but in the actual lyrics of his actual songs
  6. because Durham needs to learn to tell the truth because it is the truth, not only when it is convenient
  7. because i want to live in a city where all the residents are honored because of our existence, not only if we have money or political influence
  8. because when Harriet Tubman needed to get 800 people who had never known freedom off the plantation during the Combahee River raid, she used music
  9. because when Fannie Lou Hamer needed to empower poor black and white people in Mississippi to register to vote even when it meant they would lose their jobs, be evicted from their homes and be shot at that same night, she did it using music
  10. because when Ella Baker wanted to forge lasting relationships across class for freedom she used language arts
  11. because gentrification is a beast
  12. because I love Ras Baraka and Chris Christie hates him
  13. because I know Pierce listens to his ancestors
  14. because I know Pierce listens to his elders
  15. because I know Pierce listens to his sister
  16. because I know Pierce listens to his sistas
  17. because I know Pierce listens to his children
  18. because I know Pierce listens to your children
  19. because I know your children listen to Pierce
  20. because I know Pierce trusts his dreams
  21. because I trust my dreams with Pierce
  22. because Audre Lorde said “where is truth except in the poems”
  23. because June Jordan said “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for” and that seemed to work really well for a different young Black candidate who some people said was inexperienced for a different political position in recent history
  24. because Pierce has built unity all over the world in conditions without clean water
  25. because if you haven’t noticed this is not a time of politics as usual
  26. because Durham is ready for leadership that goes beyond basic into brave
  27. because Pierce is not afraid of complexity
  28. because an apology from Pierce is a real apology, not a public relations band-aid
  29. because Pierce is not afraid to be wrong and listen and then get right
  30. because Pierce still collaborates on a daily basis with people he went to E.K. Powe with
  31. because Pierce gives black feminists credit for their work
  32. because Pierce loves connecting people to their own creativity for its own sake
  33. because Pierce loves connecting people to each other for their own sake
  34. because Pierce knows the poetry of political science
  35. because that same time that Pierce helped us move the couch he also helped us donate the furniture we didn’t need to someone else who needed it
  36. because Durham has to learn to share resources across difference
  37. because there is no reason for Durham’s growth to mean the exclusion of the people who made Durham cool
  38. because everyone knows it’s the artists that made Durham cool enough for people from Brooklyn
  39. because Pierce is one of the people who made Durham cool (but not for the first time)
  40. because Pierce tells people I am one of the people who made Durham cool when I’m not in the room
  41. because Pierce is raised by a Mama who knows how to sing through to more parts of you than your ears
  42. because Pierce is raised by a Daddy who knows how to make dreams into solid structures
  43. because Pierce is raised next to a sister who knows how to make water damage into worlds of possibility
  44. because Pierce is raising children who believe in what they make
  45. because Pierce is married to a woman who supports her mother to explore her dreams
  46. because Granny Franny prophesied this moment I know she did. Wonderful
  47. because people who have never trusted any politician ever trust Pierce
  48. because I may be one of those people
  49. because a good leader knows how to assemble a team
  50. because Durham deserves a leader influenced by almost every city the world
  51. because Durham is not any other city in the world, this is our city
  52. because our dreams can actually come true

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