Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind

We Let Go: Revolutionary Release from the Evidence Intensive

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Last night was the first session of The Evidence Intensive: Futurists Beyond Fear.  We gathered together as evidence of our ancestors and the legacies of movement work that have made us possible.  We called in our communities of accountability.  We described the insides of our hearts and what we found there. We time traveled through our own lives unearthing wisdom, trauma, and longing from the different past and future ages of our own lives.  We offered ourselves the archives of our own lives and reached for wisdom from our future elder selves to provide wisdom for this moment.   We chanted, sang, hum, scatted, drummed and stomped “love is the most important thing” until every part of our bodies knew it and every age remembered.   Here is the group poem we made about letting go.  Can you choose one of these ways of letting go to focus on today?

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We Let Go


By the participants in The Evidence Intensive: Futurists Beyond Fear


“We did it. We shifted the paradigm. We rewrote the meaning of life with our living. And this is how we did it. We let go.” –from “Evidence”


letting go of feeling like there is never enough time

letting go of victimhood

letting go of missed opportunities

letting go of the pain in our backs from previous betrayals

letting go of the grief held in our bodies for all those who have passed

letting go when/where my ancestors could not

letting go of every shred of doubt that we make a difference in the world

letting go of every single temper tantrum

letting go of the old dust that has settled on our fire and is choking out our breathing

letting go of not breathing and fear of not breathing

letting go of fear of missing out

letting go of fear of being abused

letting go of fear, FOR REAL THIS TIME, I am taking fear off the pedestal I’ve had it on and replacing it with FIERCE POWER

letting go of not knowing

letting go of judging people who we feel aren’t as ‘enlightened’

letting go of anger at people who are so flaky

letting go of being right

letting go of playing small

letting go of needing others’ approval

letting go of guilt and shame

letting go of having to prove anything to anyone

letting go of apologizing (especially as women)

letting go of pretense

letting go of preconceived notions

letting go of tight constriction

letting go of the happy ending

letting go of resolution

letting go of self-recrimination

letting of trying to do everything and ending up exhausted

letting go of having to do it all

letting go of every message inside me head that contains the word “should”

letting go of control

letting go of this bra

letting go of capitalist expectations (girl, bye)

letting go like #sorrynotsorry

letting go of doubting our own brilliance and capabilities

letting go of regret

letting go of others’ expectations of me, even when they are people I love so dearly

letting go of those who will not meet me on the bridge, I can love me and them too, and still let go

letting go of what “never was but could have been” between me and all those lovers

letting go of the story about how i am always and will always be misunderstood

letting go and loving who and what is right in front of me

letting go of the need for proof, my soul is evidence

letting go of belief systems rooted in a perspective of lack

letting go of limited visions defined by consumerism

letting go of measuring the worth of a day by how “productive” i have been

letting go of linear time

letting go of that capitalist clock

letting go of nice, in exchange for deep kindness

letting go of neoliberal, neocolonialist imaginings to welcome revolutionary possibilities

letting go of survival, embracing liberation

letting go of my old selves, holding onto only the parts that serve me well

letting go of the story that I gotta earn love, remembering it is already all here

letting go of thinking our way to the revolution

letting go of worry, but embracing wisdom, intuition and deep knowing

letting go of pressure to finish the resource guide, it is done and it is wonderful and they all love me even more

letting go of the idea that this dissertation has to be smart, so it can be love instead

letting go and falling backward into a pool of cool, deep water that cleanses all the toxins and toxic energies, leaving me light and ready to receive

letting go so I can embrace the depth of me like oceans, the flow of me like rivers

letting go for peace

letting go firmly in touch with the reality that we’re all in this together

letting go to be grounded and sure

letting go of the weight/the heaviness, making space for that love to come in

letting go to feel again and again

letting go so I can feel lighter, feel what lightness feels like for once

letting go to embrace the lightness

letting go and falling into my dreaming

letting go while being FULLY present with every particle of my body, my spirit, m soul, backwards and forwards

letting go and embracing full and total love

letting go with laughter

letting go with grace and gratitude

letting go with pride in who we are

letting go to the sound of drums

letting go for my grandma and them

letting go for the babies

letting go with the babies!

letting go while dancing the dances of my ancestors

letting go with both hands open, my heart open and my feet stomping

letting go for the futures of those I love but can’t see

letting go with joy and delight

letting go while twerking

letting go while lusting, loving and learning

letting go into orgasmic joy

letting go with TRUST. trust in my intuition, trust in my ancestors, trust in what is to come

letting go with full trust in everything that holds me, including me

letting go sitting on handlebars and enjoying the ride downhill

letting go and never picking it up again

letting go everyday

letting go and arriving in this moment


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