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Fannie Lou Hamer Month: Act Like You Know

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Fannie_Lou_Hamer_Ella_Baker-Collage150rezOver here at Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind we are THRILLED about Fannie Lou Hamer’s birthday month.  (Honestly Sista Docta Lex is generally obsessed with Fannie Lou Hamer all year long.)

Here are some ways you can celebrate too!

  1. Get your own copy of “Act Like You Know” the print pictured above in honor of Fannie Lou Hamer and Ella Baker.  Order yours here with a donation of $33 including US shipping.  (Email if you are outside of the US 
  2. Participate in Homemade Field of Love: Reimagining Kinship, the upcoming Brilliance Remastered  intensive aka the first course in honor of Fannie Lou Hamer.
    Fannie Lou Hamer photo by Louis Draper

    Fannie Lou Hamer
    photo by Louis Draper

    Homemade Field of Love: Redefining Kinship Intensive

    October 19-21, 2016  6pm-9pm Eastern

    In honor of the (re)birthday month of Fannie Lou Hamer (and just in time for the time of year where navigating chosen family and family of origin gets real) this intensive draws on Sista Docta Lex’s research in Fannie Lou Hamer’s archival papers as a resource and precedent for movement mothering, revolutionary kinship and unstoppable love.  Fannie Lou Hamer, a survivor of a pattern of coercive sterilization against poor black women, practiced mothering without permission.  We will work with artifacts from Fannie Lou Hamer’s organizing and correspondence, family materials,  unpublished tributes to her after her death and the case-study of her mothering and mentorship of June Jordan as primary texts for our own exploration of intentional kinship.  This intensive is for anyone who believes that love beyond biology and the law is a revolutionary imperative in their life.

    Registration is limited.  Reserve your space with a $50 deposit here:

    registration for the whole intensive is sliding scale $185-250.  (Installment payments available upon request.) Email and let me know your goals for the course by October 16th.


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