Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind

Self-Possession: Revolutionary Mothering Wildseeds Residency

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love.poem for wild.seeds


for these who breathe like seeds in hair

and guts in ruts of ships

that made it here

to plant the peace of new world truths


i grow for you my brambled heart

my youth


for mine who deep of dug and dirty dreams

have flexed and tensed your cores beyond the seams

of what seems real into the field of what we feel


i come soil in my nails

ready to heal


for you who brave of skin and light

dare to birth

not the world we have

but one of worth spun out in sun

and blessed by moon


i can’t wait to see you

see you soon

Last week I had the joy and honor of being the first ever artist-in-residence with the New Orleans Wildseeds Emergent Strategy Collective.    We started the week off by attending the Wind and Warrior Retreat in Magnolia  Mississippi at the Flowering Lotus Retreat Center and were met in New Orleans by Dark Sciences Dream Retreat Alumni Ayana and Rockie!

The residency took place at a vibrant black-women-owned Community Books in mid-city New Orleans.


We opened the residency with a Revolutionary Mothering panel on mothering beyond gender and the healing practice of legacy breaking/new legacy making featuring a brilliant, brave and emotionally nuanced panel of New Orleans wise nurturers Monica McIntyre, Soraya Jean-Louis McElroy, Amanda Emily Smith, Savannah Shange and Adrien Ysaye McElroy.


We also co-curated an altar in honor of the lives of black women and girls and the infinite worth of black and brown people of color in communion with the altar building #sayhername coordinated around the country.


The next day, I got my whole entire life at the Inner-Child Playshop Soraya facilitated.  I was able to realize that my inner child had decided that her heart was not safe in her chest…so she sent it to the cloud…for digital storage and protection.  Now I get to redownload my heart into this spiritually fortified body and more fully experience my embodiment.


Here is the board book that Soraya creatively facilitated me to create!


And we closed out with a Love is Lifeforce Workshop where we created circles and dedication of love and accountability.

  Here are the blessing poems we wrote for each other’s communities of accountability.


the night, dark, dancing

we are the lights you can’t see

we are the drums laughing



Dem told ya be small?

Queer sa’pozd ta be ik’spansiv

Shade is LIFE, fux dat!





Family history

Love across time, space, mouths, hearts

I owe that to you



for May


oscillating be-

tween their world and ours

feels safe, just like home




for Nelle


Spread your wings and fly

Beautiful black queer folks

to our shared dreams.


-May Wen



for Savannah


Students of color

San Francisco, keep them safe

From police and hate




black oceanic

ancestral waters call her

remember to play


inner child shine bright

run, sing, play, dance, skip, fly, soar

fill skies with black joy


Rockie knows ratchet

is without condition, love

just like black femme-ness




for Tara



Fierce light so rightly have feared

Births awakening…


-Amber Jolle


warrior, know your truth

as child denies connection

in crime against us





for alexis (on black mothers)


unacknowledged wounds

passed from womb to bome, but her

magic let(s) us breathe


for kaiden (and all queer/trans hoez that do too much)


a sunstar shines bright

for herself and each other

we never too much



fieldwork.    (for isis)


second birth bends her

closer to whole. you, daughter,

write this homecoming.


-savannah shange



for Kenshata


Clouds are not alone

even with a field of sky

songs of rain feeds us.




for Daquiri


in b/w fist fights

for justice. we searched each other

for the love within.



Centering fat black

women as health-fully whole

heals public healthcare.


-Wendi Moore-O’Neal


Loving Lifeforce in Southern Black Women


4 southern blaq womyn

in @ deep southern astral plane

carrying mothers, grandmothers & others


bl@ck womyn behind bars, counters,

picket fences, alcoholism, fundamentalism,

in fences, coffins, gardens, gas stations

and shotgun houses


caring to carry & carrying care

like flaming white bouquet

from plate to vanity to pass(t) to



-Xena X. Ellison



for Chris and any being locked in a cage


pain is a mirror

but love is not made of steel

love is much stronger


steel is a mirror

and you are not made of pain

you are made of love


-Alexis Pauline Gumbs


I am so grateful for the resplendent love I experienced during this community residency.  Love especially to core crafters Desiree Evans, Soraya Jean-Louis McElroy and Monica McIntyre of Wildseeds and Ayana Omilade Flewellen and Racquel Gilford of the Dark Sciences Dream Retreat Crew for making this experience sustaining, transforming and abundant.

I am excited to collaborate again with Wildseeds and other queer people of color collectives. Holler at your girl!


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