Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind

October 7-13, 2016: Bay Area Tour

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We hear Oakland is the Durham of the West.

This October Alexis Pauline Gumbs and Julia Wallace/Sangodare are bringing their film When We Free to Oakland this October.  In order to fully fund this trip we want and need to do paid workshops at your school, community center or organization!


Below are the workshops that we have available for $1000-2500.  If you want us to do a multi-event residency on your campus including classroom visits a workshop and a lecture etc. the rate is $4500-65000.

978-0-8223-6272-2_pr.jpgIf you can’t host an event, but you want to come experience the awesomeness don’t worry.  Just sign up for the email list here and we’ll let you know the final dates for  Lex’s reading from her new book Spill and the screening of When We Free at Impact Hub:


Black Feminist Film School Workshops

bffs river.JPG

Black Feminist Film School creates space for decolonized filmmaking and holistic storytelling through curated screenings, the practice of filmmaking and a range of workshops. Rituals (tried and tested processes and procedures) give practitioners access to experience that might otherwise be acquired through trial and error or as best practices over time. These rituals will center honoring, listening, sharing and accountability. These workshops are ideal for storytellers, documentarians, photographers and filmmakers at any level of experience (including no experience at all).

Ancestral Remembrance as Character Development

Screen-shot-2014-07-07-at-4.36.32-PM.pngIn the writing and directing of When We Free writer and director Julia Roxanne Wallace created a collaborative process through which the lives of enslaved ancestors (whose humanity was stolen by both their legal status and their exclusion from the historical record) were re-enlivened by the cast of the film.  By imagining and remembering what the wants, needs, minute characteristics and big dreams of these characters the community involved in When We Free participated in healing a historical violence.  This workshop will lead participants through a process of honoring their known and unknown ancestors of all backgrounds and creating scenes through which to learn more about the lessons they have to teach us.

Sound as a Documentary Form


This workshop draws on the tradition of Bernice Johnson Reagon, Wendi O’Neal and many freedom singers to embrace sound as a technology for documenting, remembering and activating change.  We will work with sound and music technology and the technology of mindfulness or spiritual attunement through a series of group and individual activities designed to provide intergenerational access to the possibility of freedom.

*If experienced filmmakers or film students on your campus would benefit from more technical workshops, please let us know.  We can customize these or other workshops for your community.

Mobile Homecoming Presents: Queer Black Sunday School Choir Practice

qbss amc

Queer Black Sunday School is a technology that has evolved from Black Feminist Sermons to Exegetical Choir Practice. The Queer Black Sunday School: Lectures came from our desire and our communities desire for a space to deeply engage Black Feminist ancestors in a reverent and ecstatic space. Then we added Julia’s southern Black church tradition by mixing sunday school with choir practice. In these Queer Black Sunday School: Choir Practices we engage gospel and congregational songs and think critically about THE MEANING WE MAKE when we sing the words. We are reclaiming the resilience tools  of our ancestors and elders (in this case song) and using them to meet the needs we have now. This is also a model of how exegesis can be applied to other texts and practices.

Brilliance Remastered Workshops


Brilliance Remastered is an initiative Alexis Pauline Gumbs created based on her archival and literary research on Audre Lorde’s in order to support under-represented community-accountable intellectuals in staying connected to community, enlivened by purpose and strategic in relationship to their scholarly and activist goals.  

Audre_Lorde-Collage-150rezRigorous Loving: Sustainable Intellectual Community Building

“Rigorous Loving,”a phrase drawn from Audre Lorde’s “Eye to Eye” is a crucial practice for visionary underrepresented scholars committed to non-competitive wellness in academic spaces characterized by competition, scarcity and tokenism.   We will use several activities based on Lorde’s concept of “mothering ourselves” to examine and practice what it means to create a sustainable, community accountable intellectual experience, beyond internalized oppression and fear.

Kinship, Memory and Movement: Empowered Mentorship

This workshop is designed to help visionary underrepresented graduate students to identify the forms of mentorship they need, the best mentors to support their visions and the best practices to get and give the support that makes sustainable intergenerational intellectual practice possible.  For an example of how this workshop transforms check out the group poem “Mentoring is More Than A Notion.”


Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 5.29.42 PMSure You Want to Be Well?: Resilience in Academic settings

The Sure You Want to Be Well? Resilience workshop is designed to help visionary underrepresented students and faculty at any stage to tap into their renewable resources for inspiration and power.  Through a series of activities and conversations each participant will develop their own self-care plan.  For insight from former participants check out the group poem “Daydreaming is a Renewable Resource.”

12248155_10102130321071292_2693960868945410264_oBackyard Politics: From Community Service to Community Accountability

Many private and public universities are becoming more and more public about “service learning,” and “civic engagement.”  This workshop is for those scholars critical of the ways in which many of these feel-good programs reproduce exploitative and colonial relationships between universities and local communities.   Drawing on black liberation theories of alliance, partnership and self-determination, I offer community accountability as a rigorous transformative alternative. The session will provide concrete steps for engaging in community accountable intellectual practice in synergy with the communities you love and the local spaces you are transforming with your presence.

For a full list of Brilliance Remastered Workshops see:


Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind Customized Workshops

mobile homecoming film projects 1Alexis Pauline Gumbs loves to design experiential writing workshops based on the work of black feminist literary figures for a wide range of communities.

To view a portfolio of Sista Docta Alexis Pauline Gumbs’s work on campuses across the United States see:

Revolutionary Mothering: Love on the Front Lines

1_9781629631103Revolutionary Readings:
Revolutionary Mothering: Love on the Front Lines shares the stories of (number of) contributors, with various experiences of mothering that challenge and transform how we think about race, class, gender, justice, intimacy and the future.  A Revolutionary Reading is an opportunity for your community, organization, department to have a whole new conversation about life, how it happens and what we mean to each other.

For a full list of workshops related to Revolutionary Mothering click here.


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