Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind

Nightmare Transformation Oracle from the Durham Dreamers of Color

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On MLK Day this year about 25 dreamers of color gathered in Durham to transform our nightmares into collective wisdom on behalf of the world we dream of and with deep love for the people we dream about as inspiration and fuel.   It was a love-filled and miraculous night.  We passed loved notes, listened deeply, wrote poems in honor of each other, held each other, shifted our breathing, embodied rebirth, had our scariest questions answered and emerged laughing and exuberant and full of cobbler and kale.   As a love offering to all those who weren’t there we are sharing this nightmare transformer oracle.  Here’s how it works.

  1. Think about a nightmare of yours, literal, political, or otherwise.
  2.  And ask yourself a question about the what that nightmare is teaching you.
  3. THEN choose a number between one and twenty-seven.
  4. Once you have your number scroll down to the haiku associated with that number below.
  5. Take a deep breath.
  6. Repeat as many times as necessary.

(If you want to have a one on one dream session with Lex find out how here)




power in the chest

hungry for a transformed world

dreams are open now



empty basins filled

brimming with bright wind aglow

free darkness dancing



dance today dance now

terrible danger ensues

cloaked, caught, shoot your stars



peace isn’t always

spoken; on stairways to space

sometimes, we just know



soup from under eyes

no power greater than you

with pockets of seed



we all get out alive

with many offerings and

mushrooms in corners



an uneaten love

an empty plate sits open

sister will you come



you move through the world

sacred warrior of light

pathfinding through you



hurt is coming, fly

safer than what is certain

legs pound to the unknown



babe you are stronger

than hum, them or anyone

never will you fail



blessings for healing

meows of intuition

to swallow serpents



you move on a path

in different directions

fast slow shall you go



seeing grandmother

from beyond she asks for both

English and Ibo



grandmother to mom:

teach the Chairwoman to speak

Ibo and I’ll come



mother destruction

strong womb, soft hands, brown skin, she

will set fire to light



life death share the space

what you love you hold so dear

your light’s why they’re here



wonder in the light

wander wild warrior in white

welcome this your plight



rhythm not far sale

soul behind the veil they say

growing all the way



hazed light between us

defenseless and immobile

I witness the worst



should I pretend that

I didn’t see their hands red

chopped and bloodied raw



turn to fire with mom

the explosion won’t last long

now open your eyes



being understood

is knowing an embrace. love. like.

acceptance is yours



dreams…art in motion

brother’s love, visitation

you are seen, always



wolf as sheep, you eat

are eaten, teeth, family,

til you unmask truth



left arm on heart’s side,

you are visionary, be

protected and loved

protected and home



may the fall shadows

become breath liberated




black bodhisattva

transport beyond known limits

return with wholeness

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