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New Year’s Dream Oracle Sessions

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stoneoracle_listen-380x380For the month of January (and only for the month of January)  Alexis Pauline Gumbs is offering a limited number of custom dream oracle sessions for visionaries of all walks of life.

These dream oracle sessions happen at the intersection of your dreams (like the dreams you have when you are asleep) and your dreams (as in your goals and aspirations for the future).   Even if you don’t remember many or any dreams you can get your life our of one of these sessions. Each dream oracle session will be up to 90 minutes and will consist of a loving conversation and a multi-level divination through which Alexis will access:

  1. a poem by Audre Lorde that speaks to your dream and where you are in your life right now, supplemented by context from Alexis’s extensive research on Audre Lorde’s life and work
  2. a poem from Alexis’s dreamstone oracle series (detail pictured above)

These sessions are a perfect way to have supported access to the wisdom your dreams, your inner-voice and the loving transformative context of black feminist liberation have for you in this new year.  (And you don’t have to identify as a black feminist to liberated by your dreams 🙂


“My dream oracle session with Alexis Pauline Gumbs was/is an act of revolutionary self-love. I say ‘is’ because her ancestral alchemy transmutes traditional notions of time and  space ; her wise sharing’s still reverberate and will continue to bless me with other worldly insights! I highly recommend this honoring practice many times over! ”

Soraya Jean-Louis McElroy Artist and co-founder of Wildseeds Emergent Strategies Group in New Orleans

To sign up for a session on a Tuesday or Wednesday in January choose a time here:

If those times will not work with your schedule email brokenbeautifulpress at gmail dot com to see if another time might work.

Sessions are available on a sliding scale from $100 to $150 for each 90 minute session.


About Alexis’s dreamwork:

Alexis Pauline Gumbs was first trained as a dreamworker by her younger brother Seneca.*  She continued her dream work through her own journaling and her research in Audre Lorde’s dream journals.  Alexis wrote Daughter Dreams a groundbreaking essay on the concept of the mother-daughter dream archive based on her research on Audre Lorde which is published in the collection Laboring Positions.  In the summer of 2015 Alexis and  sister-collaborator Almah Lavon Rice-Faina convened Dark Sciences: A People of Color Dream Retreat, a gathering for 21 dreamers of color at Alma de Mujer Retreat Center near Austin, TX.  A significant portion of the funds for the Dark Sciences scholarship fund was raised through Alexis’s dream consultations with dreamers around the world.   In the fall of 2015 Alexis published a collection of 35 dream poems in conversation with Octavia Butler and the Durham based land collective Earthseed called After Brightest Star: A Dream Memoir for the Movement and gave the keynote address at The Dream Caravan, an international gathering of dreamworkers in New Orleans and facilitated Dreambook Oracles: A Deep Dark Dream Workshop for People of Color.  Alexis has developed a deck of dreamstone oracle cards that she uses in her multiple communities inspired by Seneca the dreamer.

*Seneca is an expert lucid-dreamer and is now actualizing his own dreams at the intersection of dream cognition and video-game design as and undergraduate at Vanderbilt University.


Interviews on Dreams:

Listen to Alexis and Almah talk about POC dreaming and the end of the world at The C.O.U.P:

Dark Sciences Participant Tala Khanmalek interviews Alexis and Almah about Collective Dreaming for The Feminist Wire:

Cantrice Penn interviews Alexis and Almah for Lumens Magazine:


Can I offer a dream oracle session as a gift to someone else?

Yes.  If you would like to gift a dream oracle session to someone else please email brokenbeautifulpress at gmail dot com.  You will be able to pay the sliding scale fee for your gift and your lucky, blessed, recipient will be prompted to sign up for a time that works for them.

Can I sign up for more than one session for myself?

Yes you can, a series is only recommended for people with a long-term intensive dream practice.  A series of 2 sessions is $185-270.  A series of three sessions is $275-350.

What if I don’t want to talk about dreams and I just want advice from Alexis on how to be an amazing actualized community accountable intellectual and/or artist?

You should sign up for a Brilliance Remastered consultation here:




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