Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind

Sankofa Substance: Celebrating Sojourner Truth

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Sojourner_Truth-Collage-72rezYesterday (Nov. 26th) is the date that Sojourner Truth ascended to become an ancestor after a life that spanned slavery and freedom and multiple movements.  My favorite thing that Sojourner Truth ever said is her own life-inventing name which is worth chanting today or any day in gratitude and remembrance of her life and as a method for clarifying our own journeys.   Much love to all of us who create, reclaim and move powerfully in our names.

Listen to the meditation here:

This collage is based on one of a series of portrait prints that Sojourner Truth sold on her journey as an itinerant abolitionist in order to support her to create her home, dictate her life story and continue her work at the fraught freedom intersection of black liberation and feminism.  Thus she wrote “I sell the shadow to support the substance.”   We would be honored if you supported the substantive work of Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind this holiday season by gifting everyone you love (including yourself) images of Sojourner Truth or any of the other Black Feminist Breathing ancestors.

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