Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind

Favorite Facilitator Moment Day #2: James Baldwin Birthday Party

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This was a beautiful event some years back where Mobile Homecoming hosted and facilitated some brilliant black queer men who work in the literary tradition of James Baldwin around the US at a gathering on James Baldwin’s birthday here in Durham. It was an honor to create an event that centered the genius of queer black men as a person that benefits SO much from the brilliance of black men being themselves! Centering that brilliance in a space with participants who were of many genders and racial constructions and backgrounds was a challenge and joy. It affirmed the fact that black queer men are creating a transformative resource that EVERYONE benefits from and was an opportunity to honor those generations of bravery and love.

May we do this together always. And if this resonates with you, think about coming to the Juneteenth Freedom Academy for Facilitators this November:

Or audit or donate to the scholarship fund:

And if you live in Durham come to the Fannie Lou Hamer Birthday Party tonight!


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