Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind

Favorite Facilitator Moments (Day 1)

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291272_952549885232_4955641_o Facilitation as time travel: This is a moment from a birthday party in my living room several summers ago for NC’s own boundary breaking sista-scholar Anna Julia Cooper! We had cake and everything! What made this educational celebration SO special is that it was also part of a send off for the brilliant Naeemah Kelly another local genius who was about to head to DC to start her journey at Howard U.

Facilitators can attend to ancestors in a way that mobilizes current and future generations. It was beautiful to hear the blessings for Naeemah in the room and to remember that our genius lives in our capacity to love and support each other.

I hope you join us at the Juneteenth Freedom Academy for Facilitators on Nov 1 and 2nd in Durham, NC!

For more information visit the event page here:

Register here (scholarship info is in the registration form):

Offer your $75 deposit here (and be sure to include the note Juneteenth Deposit):

Your registration is considered complete once you have completed all required questions on the registration form and offered your deposit.


If you are NOT available for the training you can register as an individual auditor and get the workbook/reader that participants will be using in November and sign up for a 45 minute session with Alexis Pauline Gumbs about taking your facilitation to the next level:

Offer your $75 here (and be sure to include the note Juneteenth Auditor):


If your organization would like to bring Alexis to lead a transformative facilitation workshop customized to the mission and needs of your organization email to schedule a training.


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