Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind

Daily Bread: Sustainable Nourishing Practices for Community Accountable Scholars

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(images by Mekhi Baldwin)

Audre Lorde’s contemporary and interlocuter James Baldwin talked about the passion of making love and breaking bread as equal versions of presence and purpose.  Last night during the LAST (sniffle) session of the first every Brilliance Remastered Webinar on a Sustainable Erotics of Community Accountable Scholarship we talked about how to make passionate and connected work our everyday practice and how to put spaces, places, times and reminders in our lives to bring us back to passionate purpose whenever we feel disconnected from the source of our transformative brilliance.


This may look like a group poem, but it is really a spell, blessing everyday forward and binding our love-filled Brilliance Remastered crew together forever!!!!!!!



Daily Bread


By the Sustainable Erotics Crew




connected to purpose like daily bread


giving thanks like daily bread


poetry like daily bread.


forgiveness like daily bread.


laughter like daily bread.


creating is my daily bread




loving like daily bread


making love like daily bread


loving my muscles like daily bread


(especially especially my heart)


smiling from the inside out like dailybread


celebrating me like daily bread


celebrating us like daily bread




embracing the now like daily bread


moving the body like daily bread, making new shapes


living in my body like daily bread




claiming my breathing like daily bread


shining my light like daily bread


affirming my being like daily bread




dancing like daily bread


sitting in silence like daily bread


listening like daily bread


listening to hear like daily bread


profound connection like daily bread.


sharing truth like daily bread






drinking water like daily bread


eating fruit like daily bread


good food like daily bread


deep breaths like daily bread


bubble baths and candles like daily bread




books on the bedside like daily bread.


feet on the ground like daily bread


walking with loved ones like bread (daily)


thanking my ancestors like daily bread




reaching out with love like daily bread.


showing affection like daily bread


touching things lightly like daily bread


being accountable like daily bread


being aware of surroundings like daily bread


immersing in the process like daily bread




questions rising like the bubbles of yeast in daily bread


speaking my mind even when my voice shakes like daily bread




thankful for another day’s daily bread




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