Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind

Indigo Days: June 9-15th, Durham NC

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Indigo Days is a resource for black warrior healers remembering ourselves and reclaiming our traditions of magic, love and transformation. Inspired by the black girl healer folklorist, revolutionary character Indigo in Ntozake Shange’s 1982 novel Sassafrass, Cypress and Indigo, Indigo Days is a context for every day as sacred space for the sacred task of healing our planetary selves and deepening the meaning of life.

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Indigo Days (June 9-15, 2011) will be a week of celebration, learning and healing specifically centered on the power of black women and black genderqueer people to be healers, spiritual leaders and transformative warriors in our communities and on the planet. For more info on the event visit

The week will include the following scheduled bliss:

Thursday June 9th

10am BREAKFAST  (the Eleanor at Rigsbee)

10:30-1pm  The P-Word and Other Fragile Promises: Movement and Poetics with Aya Hope  (the Eleanor at Risgbee)


3pm Journal Making with designer Mariel Eaves (the Eleanor at Rigsbee)

5:30pm DINNER

6pm Bright: On Clarity and Power Lucille Clifton ShapeShifter Survivor Writing Workshop (the Eleanor at Rigsbee)

(more info  about the ShapeShifter Survivor series here:

8pm Opening Drum Circle with Women of the Healing Drum (Harriet and Carolyn’s place)


Friday June 10th


8am Waking Up-Cultivating breath, awareness, and embodiment -Yoga with Michelle Johnson  (Inspiration Station)

10am Assata graduates from Elementary School!!! (Chorus of praise at E.K. Powe Elementary School Graduation)

LUNCH (discussion topic: rituals and rites of passage)

1pm -3pm Energy Healing Workshop with CC (Inspiration Station)

3-5pm Open Healing Sessions and Stations (Inspiration Station)

5pm-7pm graduation celebration for our young Indigos Assata and Naeemah!!!!!


7pm Drag Dance Transcendence Workshop with Lola and Ava (location TBA)

9pm The Power of Saying No!: A Playlist and Dance Party of Release: Afterparty curated by Moya Bailey (location TBA)


Saturday June 11th

BREAKFAST (discussion topic: birth and rebirth: beyond control)

10am Black Women Birthing Resistance Workshop on Indigo and Cotton Root Contraceptive Legacies with Tamika Middleton (Inspiration Station)

LUNCH  (discussion topic: fight and flight: re-envisioning survival)

1pm  “Embodying Sanctuary: Creating, Holding and Facilitating Sacred Space”  with L’erin Asantewa

3pm Wata’ Rituals Body Ecology Performance and Workshop

DINNER (discussion topic: Do You Really Want to Be Well?)

7pm  Afro-Surrealist Dark Delicious Divinatory Writing Workshop with Almah Lavon Rice

9pm Blue Lights in the Basement Houseparty! (location TBA)


Sunday June 12th  

BREAKFAST  (discussion prompt: audre lorde and dream journals)

10: 30 am Activate Your Dreams: Creative Movement/Dance Session with Binahkaye Joy aka Joyism! (Inspiration Station)

12pm –I Know I’ve Been Changed: Queer Black Sunday School with Julia Wallace (Inspiration Station)


2pm Blues Porch Concert with Laila Nur and Kim Arrington (Inspiration Station)

DINNER (Sunday Dinner…Lex’s B-day community potluck!)         (Inspiration Station)

7pm Blues Bible Study: Sacred and Secular Healing Podcast with Leah Burke (Inspiration Station)


Monday June 13th

(1pm Blue Sky: Astrology workshop with Dr. Anjail Ahmad) (to be confirmed)

4pm Marvelous Menstruating Moments Workshop with Mya Hunter-SpiritHouse Youth Coordinator (for kids  and young people getting ready to menstruate)  (Inspiration Station)


6pm Collaging as a Healing Practice with Rashida James-Saadiya (location TBA)


Tuesday June 14th  


River Walk at Eno River Park

5-8pm Lavender Legacies Workshop: Remembering Herbal Remedies (with Kifu Faruq and Afiya Carter)


Wednesday June 15th


(full moon) 1pm Butterflies and Bliss with Racheal Derello (North Carolina Museum of Life and Science)

6pm Natural Hair Playdate  with Chanel Laguna (Lex’s Awesome New Neighbor!!!!)  (at the Inspiration Station)



Thursday June 16th




6pm Gentle: On Cultivating Self Love: Lucille Clifton ShapeShifter Survivor Session

The gathering is FREE and all participants will be provided with food and housing for the week.  Email for more details,  and to confirm your participation.

To donate food, various materials, time, money or other resources check the contribution page: or email or donate via paypal here:

Educational Materials:

Art Supplies of All Kinds

small notebooks/journals



borrowable cars

driving help


Couch, futon or guest room space for out of town participants


Sleeping bags


Gift cards to Whole Foods, Kroger, Food Lion or Harris Teeter

Healthy vegetarian-friendly and protein-rich dishes

Assorted Items:



birtwort leaves

magnolia incense

lady’s fern


flowers from your garden




damiana leaves

cubeb berries


rasberry tea



laurel leaves

wild hyssop

white water lilies

red sunflower


mandrake berries

squaw weed

ginger/wild ginger




lemon tea



caraway seeds




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