Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind

Get Ready for the Juneteenth Freedom Academy unit on Palestine!!!!

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Unit 2: Juneteenth Palestine


During her lifetime June Jordan worked in solidarity with Arab-American feminists towards the vision of a free Palestine and in protest of the media mis-representation of the occupation of Palestine and Zionist imperialism.  This unit of the Juneteenth Freedom Academy allows participants to engage in indepth study of Jordan’s poems, speeches, writings and letters on occupied Palestine and the 1980’s conflict in Lebanon, and learn about local solidarity efforts against the 60 year occupation of Palestine as part of a local strategy for solidarity towards the end of imperialism and towards the self-determination of all oppressed people.

6:30 pm-9pm at the Inspiration Station (food, childcare and interactive poetry everytime!)

Thursday, Oct 28th: Session 1: Identification and Solidarity (featuring a live telecast from Tema Okun)

Wednesday, November 3rd: STORYTIME FOR PALESTINE! Bring the whole family for an evening with Ellen O’Grady’s picture book “Outside the Ark

Thursday, Nov. 4th: Session 2: Journeys Towards Solidarity (featuring Jodeen Olguin-Taylor and Bryan Proffit on their trip to Gaza)

Friday, Nov. 5th: Movie night: SLINGSHOT HIP HOP

Thursday Nov. 11th: Session 3: Because We Still Are Here (with possible telecast from Mai’a Williams in Cairo)

Come to one session or come to all of them!

 Download the readings here:

Juneteenth Palestine Essays

Juneteenth Palestine Poems

During the Juneteenth Freedom Academy participants break bread during weekly night school sessions that deeply engage and build on the work of June Jordan as transmitted through the committed (obsessive) research of Alexis Pauline Gumbs on the angry, letters, protest poems, solidarity politics and teaching practices of the visionary badass June Jordan.    Participants will also get coursepacks with some exclusive and unpublished materials on/by Jordan and will apply what they learn of Jordan’s methodology to pressing community issues. 

Want to donate to the Juneteenth Freedom Academy?


Email for details!!!!

Juneteenth Palestine Essays

Juneteenth Palestine Poems


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