Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind

Save the Date 2/24: Transnational Black Feminist Solidarity Featuring Mai’a Williams

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February’s Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind Potluck Discussion
Black Feminism Lives Worldwide!
(featuring the creative non-fiction of Mai’a Williams on Black feminist solidarity in the Middle East)

When I cyber-met Mai’a she was living in the occupied West Bank of Palestine, getting ready to bring her bright brilliant baby Aza into the world and she wrote me about using the activities in BrokenBeautiful Press’s “Emergency Broadcast” workbook in workshops she was leading between Palestinian and Israeli women.   Mai’a, instigator of the Guerilla Mama Medicine MovementOutlaw Midwife, Reiki master and creator of the Divine Survivors Clinic is has also been doing justice work in the Middle East with her partner Cal for many years.  Check out the links above and email for a copy of a powerful piece she wrote called “Cleave” about surviving layers of state, imperialist and interpersonal violence and the possibility of response.

AND THEN…come bring food and discuss with Durham’s divine survivors and Mai’a via skype on

Wednesday, February 24th

5:30 pm


the Inspiration Station

Come as close to 5:30 as possible to eat and settle in because Mai’a will be joining us live via skype from Cairo @ 6pm EST!!!

Kids are welcome!!!!!!

email for a copy of Mai’a’s piece “Cleave”

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