Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind

Black Feminist Summer Poetry: Nikky Finney Brunch!

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Loved ones!   It is that time again to gather with goodies and goodness and each other in the name of Black Feminism. (Praise the Lorde!)   This month we will be reading the poem Understudies by Nikky Finney…for a few reasons

1.  Some say (biased though they may be) that Nikky Finney is the greatest poet of her generation.  Others (or maybe the same biased person) say that her work because it is accountable…specifically to black women across  generations is a model for black feminism alive.

2.  Nikky Finney has through her example and her generosity seeded the ground for at least two Durham poets, the esteemed Shirlette Ammons and the initiate Alexis Pauline Gumbs


3.  Understudies specifically continues and nurtures and frames and holds up the work that UBUNTU members began at the “Searching for Our Mother’s Garden” potluck at the end of July (in particular Dannette’s important poetic project “This Ain’t No Poem”

So…read the poem Understudies by Nikky Finney and be there!

Sunday August 16th


Lex’s porch and living rooom

bring goodies and kids!


One thought on “Black Feminist Summer Poetry: Nikky Finney Brunch!

  1. ya’ll are soooo bad. i write poems and move alphabets around just to speak to your precious black feminist womanist heart(s). you make me smile so deep. it’s not august anymore. it’s not 2009 either. it’s may. new book of poems about to pop in february of 2011. thank you for holding me up so many days and nights. i adore who you are and what you do. keep on doing what you doing.

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