Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind

Praise the Lorde: the Alexis B-day Edition!

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Hello Fam!

This session of Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist mind…in honor of the seasonal summer and my birthday…we are taking it back to our “routes.”  In infinite praise of the person who brought us together, the ancestor who carries my spirit through….we will be returning to the poetry of AUDRE LORDE!  (Oooh I can feel you catching the spirit already!!!!)

Also…starting off the seasonal summer which will focus on black feminist poetry (yay!  you don’t have to stress about hustling to finish those long essays I be sending) we will be reading a lesser-read poem by Audre Lorde.

“On My Way Out I Passed Over You and the Verrezano Bridge” from Lorde’s 1986 collection Our Dead Behind Us is a poem about love, global politics  and the alchemy of connection.  Those of you who get incessant emails from me will recognize the end of the poem from my gmail signature.

You can download/read the full poem here: verrazano bridge

and please gather with a yummy brunch item to share at

on Saturday June 13th  @ 1pm

on Lex’s Porch in Durham (the center of the universe)

Looking forward to seeing you there!




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