Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind

Session 6: SPEAK!!!!

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Hello all,

My porch is still glowing with the abolitionist radiance of the A is for Abolition/Angela/April session!   This coming session we have a treat…a delicious listening party where you can all get a super special sneak preview of SPEAK! the self-titled CD by radical womyn of color that I call the audio daughter of This Bridge Called My Back.  Tied and accountable to the legacy of radical black feminists of the early 1980’s and the third world feminist movement in the United States…this CD is going to rock your world.

Look over the discussion questions that go along with CD and think about what questions might be most interesting to you.  We will meet and discuss potluck-style as always on

Friday, May 15  6pm

@ Katina’s House  (email for details)

You will also have an opportunity to buy the CD (15 bucks).  All proceeds go to support radical mami’s of color so they can have travel money to attend national gatherings with their little ones!

See you there!!!!!

much love,


p.s. if you want to be super extra wonderful and get your copy of the CD in advance go to


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