Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind

A is for Abolition: April is for Angela


Huge love to everyone who ventured out in the rain to get inspired by Elizabeth Alexander’s black feminist poetics!

Our next session features the early work of black feminist prison abolitionist Angela Y. Davis.  Davis has become an iconic figure and remains critically active in a movement to end gendered violence by transforming society at its root.

Join us in reading “Violence Against Women and the Ongoing Challenge of Racism” an early essay by Angela Davis that has impacted both the movement to end gendered violence and the movement to replace the prison industrial complex with healthy communities capable of transforming the root causes of harm into collaboration and healing.

Download the article here: angela-davis.pdf

and join us on Tuesday April 28th at 6pm at Lex’s new place (yipee) for dinner and discussion.   Please bring something delicious to share (your brilliance) and something to eat too!

For more info contact:


2 thoughts on “A is for Abolition: April is for Angela

  1. Hello,

    I really love your site. In fact, I have decided to read the articles that you post on your site even though I cannot really participate because I am in Michigan. But, for my benefit I plan to post my own responses on my blog site.

    Thank you for the opportunity,

  2. Hey Nicole! Awesome! I’m looking forward to reading your responses. Let me know if you want me to link your responses to the site!

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